Sunset Through The Iceberg
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Hi, What's up? I am Prakash, and I am usually behind the camera! In fact, it was slightly challenging to get a decent picture of mine to display here! I am very outgoing, energetic and self-aware!

I am fond of getting the message of my vision to be passed on to others in the form of my photographs. It is this process that I remind myself the most before I release the shutter each time! Love and passion are just a couple of nice and simple words that could explain the connection between me and photography. I believe my photos could explain more, if not, even better about the very connection!                 

When I was 9 years old (back in 1989), my sister gave me my first camera; it was a basic Yashica film camera. Back in those days, the two elements that pushed me to focus on taking decent photos were the demand from my big family and the serenity of the surroundings near my home (Chennai, India) where I grew up. It all slowly turned into a passion that made photography grow with me and as an integral part of me.

I was then determined and disciplined in upgrading my kit. It is mainly to make sure that I could produce a photo that could speak up for itself and can shout out my stamp on it. I need to thank a few people who really motivated me to upgrade my kit after looking at my potential. Talking about my 2nd camera, I really loved using the semi-automatic Olympus film SLR; it had an amazing potential and is still in my possession. The most number of film rolls that I used in one day was 16; It was when I had an opportunity to cross the Panama Canal in 2003. I then entered the digital camera world in 2006 and invested in the popular Olympus Bridge SLR and eventually entered the DSLR world in 2008. I am now a 'Canon' guy and I started off with an entry level DSLR and slowly upgraded to the top of the range kit that could feed my hunger to click and communicate through my photos. I also have a small selection of antique camera collections. 


As we all know that photography hobby isn’t cheap, I planned to earn my kit rather than just buying it. So I commercialised my skill that could fund my passionate hobby. Hence, I don’t have to mention about how much my passion is reflected in every commercial photographs of mine; may it be a wedding, birthday party, ceremonies and the list goes on. I focus on freezing every golden moment (in time) in the form of a good picture.

I have walked miles, climbed heights, spent loads, smiled nice, cried inside and even psyched out to take some photographs. My dream was to witness and photograph ‘Aurora Borealis’. I eventually got that golden opportunity in November 2017 when I travelled to Iceland. I just can’t describe how I behaved with emotional joy when I saw the magical Aurora in Northern skies. In general, I love to photograph nature in any form, wild life and also to experiment still life photography.

I just can’t describe how I behaved with emotional joy when I saw the magical Aurora in Northern Icelandic skies.

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Talking about my achievements, I am proud to have one of my photo published in a photo magazine named ‘Endless Journeys’ in USA. I also had one of my photo published in BBC website that carried a deep message about Kosovan independence. My ambition is to get one of my photo published in National Geographic magazine. I am confident that I will achieve my goal with more dedication.

I am also an active member of ‘Stoke Poges Camera Club’ where I managed to win the ‘Intermediate Photographer of the Year 2017’ and also obtained ‘Charles Harding Cup’ for a photo presentation and ‘Best Finalist in displayed Image’ award, all in my very first year of joining the club. I was then promoted to be in 'Advanced category' in my second year and was made to compete with some real professional photo Guru’s. This put me in a spot light and I polished my skill further and managed to obtain two trophies in 2018, one for ‘Best Print Finalist in Set subject and one in Open Print Finalist’ category.

Now, that’s the shortest message I can bring out to you about me. If you still want me to describe me in one phrase, then it would be “I am just a simple photographer who knows the technique to emotionally communicate through my photos”.

Finally, I wanted to covey a crucial psychological element on why a photo or any photos are so attached to us. As we see everything in three dimension through our beautiful eyes, a mere two dimensional photo creates a room to fill the third dimension with our emotion and nostalgic memory. How much we fill the third dimension depends on how attached we were with the photo's subject. Also, each person can fill the third dimension in their own way of approach. This invisible 'Third Dimensional Criteria' is the element that adds spice to any photo.

Thank you for your time to get to know about me. I hope you enjoy my (public) gallery "Passion on Fire" which has some of my favourite clicks.

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