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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you live & how far would you travel?

    We are based in Stoke Poges near Slough. We can travel of up to 20 miles of SL2 postcode. However, we are happy to travel literally anywhere after a prior agreement at the extra cost of travel and time spent..

  • How can I check if you are available on the date I wanted?

    Please call us or contact us or email us to check the dates.

  • What is your pricing?

    It depends on the package you choose. As every occasion is unique and different from the other one in terms of demands and expectations, we cannot put a fixed price for each package up front. Please contact us for the best deal possible at the time of booking.

  • Can I customize the package further?

    Yes indeed. We can agree upon a customization of any addition to the present packages for a proportional price.

  • How can I finalise a booking?

    We always intend to give a personalised service; so, where possible, we always prefer to meet in person for a detailed discussion.

  • What happens after the booking?

    We will send you a ‘Booking confirmation Form’ or you may Click Here to get there. You may fill in all details and submit it for a confirmation.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes. A deposit of 50% is required once the booking is confirmed. The remaining 50% is to be paid in full after the date of event and before the photos are being handed over.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. We also accept credit cards with a fee of 4.5% of the total amount.

  • What if the date of the event is changed after the booking?

    The date is finalised and reserved in our calendar once an event is booked. If the event date is either preponed or postponed of the original date, we can only help you move our date if we are not booked out on the new date. In this case, we would return your deposit after retaining an admin fee of £50.

  • What if the event is cancelled for any reason?

    If the event is cancelled at anytime before 14 days of the event date, then your deposit would be returned after retaining an admin fee of £50.
    If the event is cancelled within the 14 day period prior to the event date, then your deposit would be returned after retaining an admin fee of £100.

  • Do you work with a second photographer?

    The requirement for the second photographer depends on the overall size, volume, complexity and length of the event. So, the answer is ‘Yes, but when and where required’ at an additional cost.

  • Do you work with an assistant?

    Sometime yes; it depends on our assessment on the event details and ease of navigation across venue (imagine an event in a big open field). Please note that an assistant is ‘not a second photographer’ and we will not charge for my assistant.

  • When would the ‘Pre-Wedding shoot’ be held?

    It depends on the mutual agreement and the availability of the dates.

  • What happens if the weather is too bad on the day of event?

    Unless a major natural disaster is stuck, we would always put our best effort to make it to the event location. Bad weather like rain, snow or heavy gales might interfere and even stop us from doing a photo shoot in open outdoors.

  • Would you edit all the Photos that were shot on the event day?

    Oh yes, we do! Every single photo is hand edited for minor adjustments. They are very basic minor adjustments and would still be considered as ‘As Shot’ photos. However, based on the package you choose, we will professionally work on the photo bundle you select and undertake digital enhancements in specialist software and hand them over as ‘Enhanced Photos’.

  • What is the timeline for handing over the photos?

    A password protected and a stunning looking ‘Online Photo Gallery’ of all the ‘As Shot’ photos would be going live within 4 weeks from the date of the event. It’s the best way for you to share all the photos to your dear & near ones. A DVD copy of all ‘As Shot’ photos will also be provided at the same time.

  • How many photos will we receive?

    You will receive as many suitable photos as we shot on the day of your special event. There are no minimum or maximum numbers. We focus more on qualitative numbers rather than quantitative numbers.

  • What is the timeline for handing over Albums?

    Once you choose your favourite bundle/collection of photos, a further enhancement is made and only then the album is deemed to be ready to be printed. This is done with utmost care and would take up to 6 weeks from the time after we receive your favourite bundle/collection.

  • How long would ‘Online Photo Gallery’ be available to view?

    It is usually available online for 6 months. However, we are working on increasing this up to a year, so that you may celebrate the ‘first-year’ mark of your event with the same online gallery.

  • Are the images digitally watermarked?

    No they are not watermarked.

  • What about the photos that didn’t make to the final ‘As Shot’ bundle at the time of handover?

    As all the images are individually checked and edited, we only delete off any photos that truly are not worth or not fit for purpose. Some examples include but not exclusive to eyes clearly shut, a person walking right in the middle of the photo, flash failed to fire resulting in a full dark picture or flash fired too close to a moving person resulting in a bleach out of the image etc.

  • What is our (client’s) copyright of the images/photos?

    We provide a full ‘copyright release’ which means, you are more than welcome to make unlimited reproduction of the digital images in to duplicate copies or prints for your personal use or for friends and family. You friends may also purchase a copy of the photos in the online gallery itself for a very tiny price. However, a ‘copyright release’ doesn’t mean that you have obtained a full copyright.

  • What is your (photographer’s) copyright of the images/photos?

    As the creator of the images/photos, we ‘own’ the photos and we reserve and retain a full copyright of the all the photos we shoot. We store all the RAW and unedited copies of all the images in our archive, for which only we reserve the rights to access. We reserve the rights to use the images for professional reviews, competitions, business promotions and so on.

Other Forms:

For all bookings: Please find the Booking Form 'Here'

For business or commercial photo shoots: Please find the Photo Appearence Consent form 'Here'. (Only applicable if any person/people appear in the commercial photographs).

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