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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based & how far would you travel?

    We are based in Stoke Poges near Slough. We can travel of up to 15 miles around Stoke Poges at inclusive cost. However, we are happy to travel (literally) anywhere once we agree upon a nominal additional charge to cover the time and travel.

  • How can I check if you are available on the date I wanted?

    Please call us, contact us or email us to check availability.

  • What are your packages and pricing??

    It depends on the package you choose. Please check our Prices & Packages section for further details. If for any reason you cannot find the pricing, please contact us for the best deal possible at the time of booking.

  • Can I customize the package further?

    Yes indeed. We can agree upon a customization and relevant add-ons to the given package at a reasonable price.

  • How can I finalise a booking?

    After our initial catch-up and consultation, we will send a booking confirmation form by email. Once you fill the form and pay the 50% Advance amount, you will receive an email confirming your booking.

  • When will I receive the contract?

    We will send you the contract as soon as we receive the 50% Advance retainer amount which marks the booking as confirmed.

  • What are the details of 50% Advance amount?

    The 50% Advance amount (of full session fee) comprises of 25% DEPOSIT and 25% NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept bank transfer or cash. We do NOT accept cheques.

  • What if the date of the event is changed after the booking?

    Details of this is outlined under section 12 in the contract agreement. We kindly request you to refer to the same with careful attention.

  • What if the event is cancelled for any reason?

    If Protrait Photos has to cancel the event for reasons beyond their control and the contract has to be completely cancelled, their liability is limited to a full refund of all monies paid for the session by the CLIENT. If the CLIENT cancels the event for any reason before 14 days from the dat eof event, 25% Deposit amount will be refunded and 25% Retainer amount will be retained. However, if the client cancels the event within 14 days of the event, then the entore 50% advance amount (comprising of 25% deposit and 25% retainer) will be deemed non-refundable.

  • Do you work with a second photographer?

    The requirement for the second photographer depends on the overall size, volume, complexity and length of the event. So, the answer is ‘Yes, but when and where required’ at an additional cost. If you choose to have an additional photographer as an add-on, then the details will be discussed well in advance.

  • Do you work with an assistant?

    Sometime yes; it depends on our assessment on the event details and ease of navigation across venue (imagine an event in a big open field). Please note that an assistant is ‘not a second photographer’ and we will not charge for my assistant.

  • When would the ‘Pre-Wedding shoot’ be held?

    It depends on the mutual agreement and the availability of the dates.

  • What happens if the weather is too bad on the day of event?

    Unless a major natural disaster is stuck, we would always put our best effort to make it to the event location. Bad weather like heavy rain, snow or heavy gales might pose a challenge and even stop us from doing a photo shoot in open outdoors. This is considering our own safety and the cost of the equipment.

  • Would you edit all the Photos that were shot on the event day?

    Oh yes, we do! Every single photo is hand edited for minor adjustments. They are very basic minor adjustments and would still be considered as ‘As Shot’ photos. However, based on the package you choose, we will professionally work on the photo bundle you select and undertake digital enhancements in specialist software.

  • What is the timeline for handing over the photos?

    A password protected ‘Online e-Gallery’ of all the ‘As Shot’ photos would be handed over in roughly 2 weeks from the date of the event. Please check relevant package section for exact turnaround times.

  • How many photos will we receive?

    You will receive as many suitable photos as we shot on the day of your special event. There are no minimum or maximum numbers. We focus more on qualitative numbers rather than quantitative numbers.

  • What is the timeline for handing over Albums?

    Once you choose your favourite bundle/collection of photos, a further enhancement is made and only then the album is deemed to be ready to be printed. This is done with utmost care and would take up to 3 to 4 months from the time after we receive your favourite bundle/collection.

  • How long would ‘Online Photo Gallery’ be available to view?

    They are available in our website pretty much indefinitely and as long as we operate our business and as long as our website host stays active. We would have all the photos archived in our hard drive with strict compliance to our GDPR policy.

  • Are the images digitally watermarked?

    No they are not watermarked. You will have full usage rights.

  • What about the photos that are culled and didn’t make to the handover?

    As all the images are individually checked and edited, we only cull any photos that are truly not worth or not fit for purpose. Some examples include but not exclusive to eyes clearly shut, a person walking right in the middle of the photo, flash failed to fire resulting in a full dark picture or flash fired too close to a moving person resulting in a bleached image, hand of a person appearing directly in front of the camera during a dance session etc.

  • What are the usage rights of the photos?

    Please refer to section 4 and section 5 from our contract for full details.

  • What is your (photographer’s) copyright of the images/photos?

    As the creator, the photographs/images/videos produced by Protrait Photos are protected by Copyright Law. Protrait Photos retains the entire copyright of the Photographs and Works at all times.

Only applicable if any person/people appear in the commercial/business photographs

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