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Food Safety Management

Achieve a better food safety rating with an investment that you would never regret

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Alongside the  professional photography, we also cover one of the most essential and legal requirement of a food service establishment, which is ‘Food Safety Management System’ and ‘HACCP’ system.

Take your establishment to '5 stars' for a better turnover.

With quotes that are simply unbeatable and irreplaceable, our valued service is something you will never regret.

What do we do?

* Establishment of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)’ in accordance to the necessity and size of an outlet

* Guidance in compliance of statutory and regulatory requirements with regards to food safety

* Drafting simple yet powerful and methodical steps to consistently deliver safe food

* Providing all essential HACCP forms that will phenomenally boost the food safety from start to finish

* One-on-one consultancy and improvement suggestions on food safety for the food preparation premises

* Support on 'due diligence defence' based on an appropriately followed FSMS

* Two auditing visits to the premises with a complete professional report and feedback to the management

  - One is an announced audit with pre-preparation and the other is unannounced

* The unannounced surprise audit each year is mainly to assess and estimate the performance in real time of its delivery

* Unlimited email support with all queries answered in a professional manner

What do you gain?

* A good image and a brand name to maintain a competitive business edge in the market

* A safer food business, which stimulates the chances of higher turnover

* Legally complied and hence a peace of mind for the business owner

* Scores on the doors: Proudly display your food safety rating just like your competitors do

* Advertise yourself in your website or vastly expanding social media

* Gain a strong reputation in the local area

* Avoid the embarrassment of adverse publicity

* Avoid potential fines, expensive legal costs and most valuable time spent in courts

* Many more hidden advantages like reduced insurance premiums, less worry etc

* Raised awareness & understanding amongst the food premises team members

About me:

I am Prakash, working in a professional management level for a reputed International Corporate brand of hotel.

I am qualified with the following:

* Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition
* Level-4 in Food Safety

* Level-3 in Health & Safety

* Degree in Business Management

* Qualified in 'Risk Assessment'

* Achievement of runners up for best 'Food Safe Establishment 2016' (by Slough Borough Council)

* Industry experience of 20+ years

I offer a knowledgable consultancy in a friendly manner. I can communicate at all levels of the operations, which helps deliver the message of 'importance of food safety practices'. The reports I produce are very straight forward to understand and to take further necessary action. I am always approachable and always willing to help & support your food establishment with a sense of ownership.

With a discipline and understanding from the team members and the management of the establishment, it is most certain that achieving a 'five star food rating' is inevitable.

Food hygiene ratings. What's behind numbers?

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